Can A Wedding On The Beach Be Done With Only A Few Days notice?

I get this question a lot. I guess you could say that is the biggest question of all. Elopements are really popular in this area due to the scenic beauty of the beach. We have done elopements in less than 6 hours notice. We understand when you’re ready to get married we can help you. One of my favorite elopements happened in Destin Florida. The groom called me the day before and asked me if I had availability. I’ve told reminded and asked how I could help him. He told me he had chartered a plane and they would be flying into Destin the next day. I gave him the address to the marriage license office and supplied him with the information that he would need in order to get married, driver’s license social security number, etc. He also last mean if I could line up a violinist, and I did. My photographer and I and the violinist showed up about the same time at their condominium. The groom told me where he wanted to have the ceremony and we all walked down to the beach and waited. It wasn’t long before they were walking down to its and the bride was so excited. The violinist began to play and we started the wedding. About 20 minutes later everything was done and they were back on the plane flying home to Atlanta. It was a very romantic moment and I’m glad I got to share them.