Orange Beach Is A Nice Place To Tie The Knot.

It’s not very difficult to get married in one of the most popular areas on the Gulf Coast to have a beach wedding. All you need is an Alabama marriage license. You will see a link above which will take you to the page. Marriage license requirements can be found on our website, make sure to check them before you go. Taking the ride up Highway fifty nine is the hardest thing you’ll have to do in that process. You’ll probably meet other couples doing the same thing you are, having a beach wedding. Finding a place to stay isn’t really very hard either, thanks to all the information you’ll find on the resources page on the website. You can point and click your way around everything which is amazing. The internet really makes find lodging easy. Orange Beach offers many amenities that Gulf Shores doesn’t and the biggest one is the privacy. Because it’s not as big as Gulf Shores there are plenty of great places to stay. If you prefer a less beaten path for lodging try getting places off the beach for rent. There are areas not far from the beach where it’s really quiet and peaceful. Personally those are my favorite place