We’re Wanting To Marry You In Alabama

First off let me just say on ABC news last night Gulf Shores was voted one of the cleanest beaches in the United States. And we want it clean y’all. So do a little happy dance if you’re thinking about having your beach wedding here. Although getting the marriage license is a little inconvenient because you have to go to Bay Minette to get it the Gulf Shores area more than makes up for it. You’re going to be in a beautiful place that’s not as crowded as a lot of other beach wedding destinations. In other words just because you’re not staying in a condo right on the water doesn’t mean you can’t get married here. The only thing you really need is a marriage license. How simple is that? We try to come to you if possible or meet you in one of the many parks that are scattered through out the area. If you do decide to stay in a place on the Gulf of Mexico there are some advantages to doing this. The main reason for doing this is the ease that the bride has. All she has to do is walk outside and she’s there. Chances are she’s going to be wearing a long dress so it’s a lot easier to walk out a door or elevator than go get in a car and drive or ride to the beach you’ve selected to have your ceremony on. It’s something to give some thought to before you make plans. You’ll pay about the same money no matter where you stay so why not make it easier on yourself. You deserve it.