Saying I Do On July 4th

Usually I don’t do weddings on July 4th because it’s so crazy and hard to find places to have a wedding. The beach is full of people from sunrise to sunset. Some are intoxicated. It’s not a fun way to do a wedding if you can’t find enough space to have a ceremony. Most of the time I say no I can’t help you. Some people still want their wedding on July 4th. This couple was no exception. They were so cute and the groom was a sailor. I really couldn’t say no to them. I try to support our military when I can so I said yes. It’s a personal thing with me. So we decided to have the wedding on Perdido Key. I knew they were wouldn’t be a huge crowd out there. I had found a good place to have the ceremony but when I got there it was full and no one was leaving. So I went and found an area most people don’t know about and went there. What luck! There were enough parking for everyone. So happy. We walked out to the beach and had a great ceremony without alot of people around. We were blessed.