Gulf Shores Wedding Planner

The Gulf Shores wedding planner of this loving couple was yours truly and everything went so well. The day started out like any day for a bride to be waiting on Blackwater River wedding. The morning started with the bride sending the husband to be out of the house so she could get ready without him seeing her since it was her surprise gift to him on their Gulf Shores wedding day. His friends were in on the fun. This loving couple had already got their marriage license because they knew they were going to get married in October.

Wedding Planning Orange Beach And Gulf Shores Alabama

After accomplishing her goal her friends came over and the process of becoming bridal beautiful for her beach wedding in Gulf Shores began. Our bride was on a budget so most people donated their services. Her hairdresser did her hair which cascaded over one shoulder. It was a good look for her. Lots of hair spray to hold those curls in place. It can still be quite humid in October so hair spray is needed. Next comes lunch with the girls. With the hair done a little bite to eat is necessary.

Now on the makeup. Waterproof makeup is the norm since most brides shed a tear or two. So do grooms. Don’t forget the eyelashes for beach wedding perfection. Mascara that doesn’t budge is needed to be applied with a delicate hand. Getting into a tight dress can be difficult without wonderful ladies to assist you. Lacing her into place and making sure she can breathe can be a touch and go situation. Now the trip to the place he proposed on. Yes that was an item that had to be included.

We did the ceremony on a very occupied public beach which is rare for us. The folks on the beach were very gracious and some moved a little to give the couple some privacy. After the ceremony everyone celebrated a joyous journey.