Blackwater River Weddings And Creek Weddings

Dreaming about a Blackwater River wedding or a creek wedding? Clearly we are here to help you have your dream wedding. We have been in the business of bringing happiness to brides and grooms for over 19 years. Together we will provide you with the resources you need to bring your wedding to life. You have been imagining this moment and we will help you with your vision. Fortunately we have the expertise to walk your through the steps and guide you to the best wedding areas.

Blackwater River Wedding

The river flows through chiefly undeveloped lands of the Blackwater State Forest and Blackwater River State Park. Especially core areas of the largest contiguous longleaf pine/wiregrass ecosystem remaining in the world, one described as being rarer than a tropical rainforest. Do not leave trash or debris in this pristine area. Also the Blackwater River is normally a transparent golden when seen against the white sandbars. A beautiful setting for a river wedding.

Creek Wedding

Creek weddings are especially fun for smaller weddings. As you probably already know the Coldwater Creek and Juniper Creek also run through this area. Now you have so many areas that are wedding friendly its time to start planning your wedding. Our seasoned professionals will be there to assist you and answer your questions. Providing you with unique options can be a blessing for you and your family and friends. Saturdays at sunset get booked up quickly so call us today. You can contact us here.

Brides typically wear dresses or gowns. Grooms wear khaki slacks and white button down shirts. You can take your shoes off or wear flip flops. Of course this is your wedding so wear what you want to. If you need suggestions about wedding apparel let us know and we will assist you with information. Also consider the season in which you will have your ceremony.

River Wedding