Cheap Pensacola Beach Wedding Packages

Florida Wedding Packages on the Beach

Your ceremony on the sand was a happy event for the whole family with your cheap beach wedding packages . Brides and grooms are looking for reasonably priced beach wedding packages and not finding any. Some companies are charging prices that are too expensive for most couples on a budget. Two thousand dollars for an arch and some pictures. Really? I do not think so. That is not the best way for marriages to start, in debt.

Back when the economy tanked I decided to lower my prices by offering affordable Gulf coast weddings. People were unable to come here and have a cheap Pensacola wedding on the beach because of lack of funds. It can be expensive to get accommodations so adding the cost of a wedding can be stressful no one wants to start a relationship with the weight of bills from your ceremony. Ouch! Get on the beach with a much more reasonable beach elopement package.

Cheap Beach Wedding Packages

I want to see people happy and smiling on the beach not frowning because they are going into debt to get married on the beach. Does not compute. Laugh out Loud. Okay just trying to be funny but you know what I am talking about. How many of you know people who spent upwards of twenty thousand on the wedding? They might not be telling you about it because sometimes it can be embarrassing. Do not worry that will not happen with us. You will love our prices. You can more for your money.

However you do not need a wedding coordinator to tell you when to walk. Pay someone one hundred and fifty dollars to tell you that? No way.  Just look at those smiles. This photo was taken right before the bride walked down the aisle to her husband to be. The wedding was small with only the bride, groom, flower girl (bride daughter) and father of the bride. Although the day was overcast with clouds the joy of the wedding ceremony filled up the sky. Love broke through the clouds and the sun of their love shown brightly.

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