Beach Elopement Packages

Here at Beach Bride Weddings all of our packages can be used as a beach elopement package however there are 2 that are the most requested beach wedding packages for elopements. They are the Island Getaway and the Caribbean Dream. Some of you are probably wondering why these 2 packages are so popular. Here are the reasons and we are going to start with the Island Getaway package. The Island Getaway package is designed specifically for small weddings and elopements. You receive 35+ photos and that means if you do not mind posing we will be more than happy to take more than 35. Most people are good with this but some do not want to pose. Everyone is different. The Island Getaway package is a simple beach wedding with an officiant and photographer. There are no decorations with this package.

Our next package has been a big hit in 2019 and the name is the Caribbean Dream. I think the reason most brides and grooms like this package is because of the decorations. The style is the same but we offer different colors, flowers and arrangements. We can match most requests. The package is not overwhelming or large but simple and beautiful. Many brides in 2019 picked this package for those very reasons. The focus is on the brides and grooms not the decorations. That is a motto we live by and believe in. As you know already by viewing our designs we do not follow the crowd with over the top designs that take away from the beauty of the bride and groom. Less is more is our philosophy and it is one we live by. When you look at a photo and the first thing you notice is the design not the bride and groom then you really need to think do you want to be overshadowed by some bamboo and chiffon? Just say no.