Wedding On The Beach In Pensacola Florida

Don’t forget you beach wedding in Pensacola is waiting for you.  Do you have your Florida marriage license? I have a lot of people ask me if they can bring a marriage license from another state and use it in Florida. The answer to that question is no, you can’t do that. Marriage licenses cannot cross state lines and the valid. If you’re getting married in Florida you will have to have a Florida marriage license. It’s very easy to get a marriage license in the state of Florida. All you need is some form of identification, like a driver’s license from your home state, make sure its current it can’t be expired. You also need to know your Social Security number. There are two marriage license offices that are close to Pensacola Beach, one in Navarre next to the zoo, and one in downtown Pensacola. Both are very easy to find. Try to get there before 4:00 PM that’s really important. Remember these are government offices and if you get there too late you won’t receive your marriage license until the next day. These offices are only open Monday to Friday and closed all holidays. We can make your beach wedding a beautiful one and you only need to bring a marriage license with you and we can do the rest. Our philosophy is make it stress free. When the only thing you have to do is walk down to the beach it makes life so much easier.