Receptions At Beach Weddings

If you’re thinking about a wedding on Pensacola Beach here are some tips to ensure your reception goes off smoothly. One of the best ways to have a reception in this area is either have a beach house or condominium that’s wedding friendly or at one of the restaurants in the area. Over the two I have to say having a reception at a beach house or condominium is better and here’s why. Having food catered or cooking it yourself is going to taste better. That’s a given. Must of you have relatives who would love to cook and do it well. There’s nothing like it. I’ve seen people who made pots of gumbo or jambalaya that was out of this world good. Plus you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can have your wedding ceremony right here at your beach house and then go back into the house to have the reception. Keep food indoors. If you bring food out onto the beach seagulls will go crazy. They will try to steal the food they all are scavengers. And you can’t hurt them because they’re protected. Instead everyone can make a plate can go onto the patio or stay inside. If you go to a restaurant and have your reception there you will pay between 25 to 45 dollars a person and that’s not including alcohol, that’s just food. Make sure to plan that in your budget if you decide to do that. You can feed the same amount of people for less than half that if you have the reception at your beach house.  May your beach wedding be a happy one. Be safe and has some great food. Do not forget the parents and grand parents when saying thank yous and toasts. Surely they have seen you through it all.