Get Married On Pensacola Beach This Christmas Season

A beach wedding in Pensacola would be just the thing to have during the holiday season. We’re gonna have temperatures in the seventies until after Christmas so grab your fiancĂ© and come on down to the beach. It’s pretty quiet down here right now said this would be a great time to have the beach to yourselves. If you go for a condo many of them have hot tubs that you can enjoy while being outside and taking in the scenery. We’ve had an especially warm winter so this is the time to make a trip with the one you love most. And what fun it will be. If you want to wait until after Christmas come down before New Year’s Eve. It’s a great time to be in Florida and have a Pensacola Beach wedding. The Gulf of Mexico is the perfect backdrop for a ceremony in the sand. We have had elopements this time it here. Some couples like to get married on New Year’s Day and start the year out right. If that’s your cup of tea we can be there for you. We doubt the ceremonies on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but we will do them on New Year’s Day. You can even watch the polar bear dip at noon. That’s where everyone runs into the Gulf of Mexico together. Of course it’s not as cold as it is up north so you will see many in interesting costumes and folks take the plunge. Since you’re getting married you may want a considerate also. Because you are taking a plunge! Anyway you look at it this is a great time to be here and get married. We’re looking forward to hearing from you saying give us a call that will make it happen. Pick up the phone.