Arriving Late To A Beach Wedding

When you’re planning your Pensacola Beach wedding remember that people who are habitually late. You’re probably related to them. I know it’s probably not something you really wouldn’t think about but they are family and you do want them to make it to the wedding on time if possible. Here are some examples of how to get someone to be punctual. One of the best ways is to have them stay where you were staying. It’s kind of hard for them to be late if you have them underfoot. However I would advise this in some cases especially if the person is whiny. That could be disturbing on your wedding day. What if that person is 30 minutes late at every single meeting you have as a family? Why not tell them to be they’re 30 minutes earlier than everyone else? It really does work out better this way. One bride had a bridesmaid that was habitually late and I encouraged her to tell her to be there an hour prior to the ceremony. Unfortunately the bride got caught up in the planning of the wedding and getting everything ready and forgot to tell the bridesmaid to arrive 1 hour prior to the ceremony. The bridesmaid was very late arriving and did not participate in the ceremony because the ceremony was over by the time she got there. You don’t want that! So start now and tell all your wonderful loved ones the time they need to be at the beach wedding and for those unfortunate souls who can’t seem to get anywhere on time, have some mercy and tell them to a different time from everyone else. One bride even gave her grandmother a personal handmade invitation just so her grandmother could watch her walk down the aisle. Apparently her grandmother was one of those late folks. I thought she was brilliant by having the kindness to make grandma her own invitation.