Rainy Day For Wedding On The Beach

Although we try some beach weddings will get rained out. I’ve only had four rained out but it does happen. We got rained out one time and it was a military wedding. The bride and groom were really devastated but there was nothing we could do. However one of the chaplains heard about what happened and he was at the military base in Pensacola. He told the bride and groom bacon half their ceremony in the small chapel at the Navy base. We were really lucky that day and somebody up there was definitely smiling on us. So we get to the chapel and we fix it up with the decorations that we found there. The bride and groom’s family were able to make it to the church on time. There were lots of friends dressed out in full military dress uniforms. We even had colored sand for the sand ceremony that the mother of the bride had provided with a big beautiful glass heart to put the sand in. The wedding when off perfectly even though we were doing a beach wedding it was still the perfect waiting for them. Afterwards as the bride and groom were leading the chapel all their military friends lined up and held their swords up for the bride and groom to walk through. It was like a sword tunnel. As the bride in Graham walked through the tunnel at the very end the last officer smacked the bride on the backside with his sword. We all burst out laughing as did the bride. So it just goes to show even though your wedding on the beach gets rained out we can still make it happen.