Duct Tape Beach Wedding Gown

A pink duct tape beach wedding gown is a wonder to behold. Our bride was very creative and designed her a own pink dress by using duct tape. Her bouquet was also made with duct tape. The groom’s vest was made with pink camouflage duct tape. One of the most unique and different wedding ensembles I have ever seen. So if you’re looking for a Pensacola Beach wedding take a hint from this woman and do you own thing. She made the vest by taking a tank top and sticking the duct tape to it. How easy is that? The address was a little more difficult but turned out to fantastic. She looked absolutely stunning. By doing what makes you happy on your wedding day can guarantee a very lasting love. The bride and groom had both wrote personal vows to say to each other. When the groom said his vows he cried tears of joy and happiness. It was in very touching moment on the sand. The bride was in tears as she heard his loving words and his commitment to her for the rest of their lives together. I blinked back tears that welled up in my eyes from the amount of love these two had for each other. When the bride’s turn came to say her vows she’d let all of her love come out to her voice and dedicated herself to him. Everyone was very moved by the beautiful moment we had all shared in the sunset on that beach. Truly this couple were meant to be together. The groom told me he had waited 41 years to meet the right one. And he did meet the right one.