Cold Feet At A Wedding On The Beach? Oh No!

Getting married on Pensacola Beach and there’s a snag in your plans? Although it rarely happens either the bride or the groom can get cold feet. And I don’t mean they’re wearing flip flops. flower girlYou never know what can happen that can make someone changed their mind, however most of the time it’s just nerves and the weddings go through with no problem. Although it’s not easy to get nervous and to doubt yourself, you can get through this by remembering all the wonderful things about your partner. You might have had a little spat a couple days before the beach wedding but remember everybody has disagreements sometimes. Let it roll off your back unless it something’s truly serious. Please remember that your nerves are slightly frayed from all of the excitement. Make sure it really is serious before you make any kind of decision. Speak with someone you know interest like your spiritual leader or maybe your parents. Talk it out with your spouse to be. Learning to compromise for both bride and groom is important when planning your future together. Don’t let something small take away your happiness. If it’s just something small like your shoes didn’t fit or his shirt is too big, let it go. You’re about to get married to the person that you’ve been wanting to get married two for a long time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, my mom always said. She was married for 30 years so I think she knew which he was talking about. I’m sure I’ll be seeing all of you on that beach real soon.