Thoughts On Wedding Guests And Costs

When planning Alabama Beach wedding I’m sure most of you are thinking about reception whether in Alabama or when you get back to your own hometown.  And I am sure most if you have seen on social media the backlash from a guest who failed to let the bride and groom know they were coming to the wedding and reception and the bride sent them a bill. Now some of you might think, well you are just going to have no shows at your wedding and reception. Although this is true it is also extremely rude to bail out at the last minute with an excuse as pitiful as, I could not find a babysitter. You should still call someone and let them know that you cannot make it. You should do something. After all you are the one that RSVP-ed for the event and at least you can do is say I am sorry I cannot make it. By doing nothing and making no attempt to contact any one is beyond thoughtless. Why even bother to RSVP? I saw her reaction on line when she was presented with the bill and she rolled her eyes. I can understand why the bride and groom would be frustrated when a guest does nothing to let them know they cannot make it. That is hard earned money they will never get back. Sorry but I am going to side with the bride and groom on this one. Whether you are going to a beach wedding or a church wedding or garden wedding it is your duty to be a polite guest. If you even think you cannot come for a any reason always make amends. Do the right thing by showing responsibility and kindness. While that’s my story and I am sticking to it.