To Drink Or Not At Weddings

Have you ever been to a beach wedding in Florida and the adults are enjoying alcoholic beverages? There’s always the toast to the bride and groom, speeches by the best man with more toasts. This nothing wrong with providing alcohol to your adult guests at your beach wedding if you lay out a few ground rules before hand. I know this is the subject some of you don’t want to discuss but it’s very important for you to make these decisions now. As a wedding planner I’ve seen weddings where people behave themselves and drink responsibly. I have also seen intoxicated people behaving badly. And believe me a wedding celebration go terribly wrong quickly. You don’t want that to disrupt the proceedings. One way to avert a catastrophe is to establish a code of conduct for your ceremony. You can even be included in your wedding invitation. Informed your guests to come and enjoy themselves but too do so in a dignified manner. In this day and age of driving under the influence and the responsibility of the person serving alcohol it is advisable to hire a professional bartender to serve everyone who is drinking alcohol. Inform the bartender not to serve anyone who has had too much to drink. You want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves and wish you well. You don’t want a person who has had too much to drink stumbling around and disrupting your guests. It really makes sense in the long run for everyone concerned.