Halos For Beach Wedding Angels

Have you ever been to a beach waiting in Gulf Shores and seen angels running around the beach? With their little halos and fluffy dresses they look like they fell right off a cloud. Both big girls and little girls like halos. Recently I had a wedding where the bride wore a halo which she made herself. The one that she had chosen matched her color theme which was yellow. She used both bright yellow in pale yellow with some greenery and it really looked beautiful. These pretty hair accessories look great on the beach. If you’re thinking about having a child wear one don’t go all white. Mix in some color to brighten up the white. Pink would look great and you can use any shade of pink that you like with the white for your beach landing. For older girls you can do just about anything. I’ve even seen some halos with ribbons hanging from them. This look can be taken home and used for dress up. Halos for brides can be all white went little stars to glisten in the sun. I’ve even seen some with tiny starfishes. You can look just like a mermaid with one of those. I love this versatile look for a more natural take on the veil. Must halos are made with silk flowers and there’s a reason for this. For your ceremony on the sand real flowers for something so small and intricate can be very expensive. It’s not really the flowers that are pricey it’s all the work that has to go into the halo. So go for silk instead. Then you to can have angels at your wedding.