Haloes For The Bride And Flowergirl

This Pensacola Beach wedding had angels of the beach. I know many of you were thinking what are you talking about? I’m talking about our bride and flower girl having haloes on their heads for their ceremony in the sand. It was so adorable. The bride had called me a few weeks earlier telling me about the cost of the haloes. And fresh flowers made into a design to be put on your head can get quite expensive. I suggested silk flowers. One thing I like about silk flowers is the last forever, while almost forever. And her daughter could have her halo to enjoy for quite awhile. Our bride really get a good job making them. I was very impressed with what she had put together. Her theme of her wedding was yellow. So she incorporated tiny yellow and white flowers into her haloes, with some greenery. She had asked me to put yellow flowers into the Islands at Sunset arch. I wait with a pale yellow flower which complemented her haloes. Form her rose petal path I took pale yellow and bright yellow petals which complemented the arch and softened the bright yellow color. The groom wore a white button down shirt and white linen shorts which looked very beachy. The bridesmaid had on a bright yellow dress as did the mother of the bride. It was a bright sunny wedding. I also love to bouquets that had blue orchids which was a nice contrast to the yellow. I felt like the sun was shining on this very beachy wedding.