Airplane Flies Over Beach Wedding

Is that beach wedding in Pensacola flying over your head? If you’re an aviation buff this next post is for you. While out on the beach yesterday doing a wedding, an airplane flew by with a wedding proposal on it. This reminded me of a wedding I did on the beach. The bride and groom were of aviation buffs. If it had something to do with the airplane or a jet this couple loved it. Too surprised the bride the groom had rented a plane to fly over the wedding while the ceremony was going on. He told me we ended the plane should be flying overhead. Like most things the pilot was missing in action at the appropriate time. This had the groom very frustrated to say the least. Of course the bride knew nothing about this. She kept wondering why we’re all still there after the ceremony. The photographer was waiting kid to get his shot of the fly over went from their wedding date on it. As we waited for the pilot to find us on the beach, I called the Airport to ask where he was. The Airport could not tell me. So I made small talk and placed them in some extra poses to pass the time. The photographer kept taking pictures and finally when we thought we could stall any more the plane is seen in the distance. I asked everyone to look up. When the bride saw her wedding date with their initials on the fly over she was overjoyed. The photographer got a shot of the bride and groom with the plane as it passed by.