What Is Your Favorite Wedding Color Theme

Is your Gulf Shores beach wedding going to be a sea of yellow? Well think again. So your bridesmaids dresses are yellow, the groomsmen ties are yellow, there is yellow in the bouquets, yellow in the wedding arch and you have a yellow rose petal path. And you are wearing white. White is a neutral color and yellow is a bright color. What color do you  think people are going be looking at? Now you are starting to see things differently. If you have too much of one color your wedding it will overpower everything else. Take it from someone who has done hundreds of weddings on the beach and has seen it all. If you will notice in our designs we try to keep everything as simple as possible. There is a reason for this. Large decorations will overpower everything including the bride. Everyone will be looking at the big decorations and not at what they should be looking at which is the bride and groom. You have to be really careful and have a light hand when it comes to color and decor. It is very easy to assume that having everything one color will make it OK. Nothing could be further from the truth. Complimentary and contrasting colors work better instead of everything all one color. Neutral tones look great with beach weddings. Tropical colors are nice as well. It all depends on how they are displayed. I go online and see lighting designs that are beautiful and tastefully done. I also see ones that are downright scary. So when you want a color to pop only use it once. For instance you could have a white flower arch with a yellow rose petal path. Your bridesmaids bouquets could be a pale pink. Now you’re starting to see the picture. When you walk down the aisle in your white wedding gown you will be the shining star surrounded by touches of color.