Wedding Traditions

What traditions will you bring two your Pensacola Beach wedding? Will you stick width something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue? Or maybe it will be your grandmother locket that has a picture of your grandparents when they got married. Will it be a coin you got when the two if you win on your first vacation together? Were you jump the broom? There are even beach wedding traditions such as taking that first walk along the beach together as husband and wife. I’ve been seeing new traditions springing up everywhere. One of my favorite ones is the first dance. The most recent unique dance video I have seen at a wedding is one where the groom and his groomsmen are professional dancers and break it down for the bride who is sitting on the dance floor and laughing and smiling. I have also seen bridesmaids and groomsmen come dancing down the aisle together with the bride dancing down the aisle with her father. I love seeing all these happy videos. A couple years back there was that big trend to run into the Gulf of Mexico in your wedding gown. Also known as trashing the dress. We have several funny pictures of brides and grooms running into the water fully clothed. I have to admit that after their ceremony on the sand that watching them run into the water is funny. Especially when no one else knows it. One couple had not told anyone they were going to do it and use it as saying the shocked looks from their guests. Never a dull moment. Whether you decide to stick with traditions of the past or go with your own tradition remember to own it. Let everyone know this is you and this is the new day of your lives together.