Fall Beach Wedding In Alabama

With August coming to a close a beach wedding in Gulf Shores for fall seems like a great way to tie the knot. As many of you know this season was a good one but very hot. We saw a lot of short dresses this year and I think the heat attributed to those adorable shorter wedding dresses. But with fall coming we will see more longer gowns. Another great thing about fall is the tourists have all gone home and we’ll start seeing more couples and snowbirds coming into the area. This also means great deals for brides and grooms looking for condominiums and houses to stay at for their beach weddings. The rates for accommodations drops after Labor Day. So fall weddings in this area can be both affordable and more private. With the beautiful white sand beaches of Alabama you’ll enjoy strolling hand in hand with the one you love most. Especially when you’re walking down to the minister to say I do. This beautiful time of year brings better temperatures for an outdoor activities. This summer we saw a lot of hot days and warm afternoons. Like most happy couples were all grateful for the change in the season. The wedding season here does from spring into fall, with some winter weddings. Remember you will still need sunscreen regardless of the season. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sunburn, although it’s mostly the grooms with sunglasses raccoon eyes. I know most of you who plan on coming to the beach this fall will be enjoying this beautiful time of year also known as Indian summer. I’ll be seeing you on the beach.