Fins And Weddings On The Beach

Our Saturday couple had been thinking about getting a Pensacola Beach wedding for a while. They were uniting their two families into one. They did want a choice of cheap beach wedding packages. No need to overspend to be happy. Our bride and groom both had children from previous relationships and they wanted the children to be part of the cermony. I went out to their condominium to speak with them and saw their beautiful wedding cake they had got from Publix in Gulf Breeze. The cake was an art deco style with blue crisscross stripes. The groom and the photographer went down to the beach to wait for the bride. Next was a procession of youth,  here comes the children in matching blue shirts. The groom told me he could not find shirts along the way from Louisiana so he stopped where they got the cake and bought the shirts. Amazing what you can find at Publix.  So this wedding on the beach was going along very smoothly. While we were standing by the Gulf of Mexico we saw dolphins very close to the shore. One of the girls thought the dolphins were sharks because of the fins they saw. Everyone got a giggle. The kids had been a little nervous but laughter can make almost anyone relax. Soon the lovely bride walked down the boardwalk and down to her adoring family. She looked beautiful in her gown and veil, we were blessed that day with a light breeze so as not to make her veil fly too much. That early in the morning there were only a few fishermen on the beach. So we had quite a bit of privacy. It was enjoyable to watch the children revealing in this moment as much as their parents. When we left them they were still on the beach and joined in that moment together. Some of them running up and down the beach reliving that moment of their ceremony in the sand.