How To Bring Loved Ones To Your Wedding On The Beach

If you thinking about getting married in Gulf Shores or Pensacola at a beach wedding? You will be bringing some of the best people in your life with you. But you will also have people that you cannot bring with you. Here is a brilliant way to bring the wedding to them. Facebook is a great to stream the wedding so your family and friends can watch you walk down the aisle. Some may even have have a party to coincide with your nuptials. Now that is a great idea! Facebook offers so many ways for us to stay in contact with loved ones so make the most of it and stream it! Some just cannot make it to your wedding on the beach for different reasons and some may no longer be with us. There are still very beautiful ways to bring them with you. I recently saw a picture where a bride had taken her father’ picture and shrank it, put it in a tiny frame and attached it to her shoes so he could walk are down the aisle. I almost cried. It was so beautiful. One bride we had it one of our weddings had her grandmother passed away recently and on her bouquet was a locket and handkerchief I had belonged to her grandmother. The small pieces of their lives can represent so much when you are getting married on the beach. Those precious memories can be there with you in one of the most memorable moments of your life. Be creative with your endeavors to bring your loved ones into your wedding. Go on line in research and you will find many great ideas to have the special loved ones still with you. There is so much information out there now, you will find something that can represent what means the most to you.