Wedding House Gets Upgrade

This Pensacola event turned out better than expected for our bride and groom who wanted a Beach wedding. This happy couple had been staying at a beach house a couple of blocks from the Gulf of Mexico and had originally wanted a house on the beach but was unable to afford it because of mid summer pricesĀ  They had approximately seven teenagers with them. The second day they were there the refrigerator went out and completely quit working. The owners offered to bring them a cooler but with seven teenagers that was not going to happen, could you imagine that many people with 1 cooler, I do not think so. So the owners upgraded their accommodations to a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico. Talk about reversal of fortune, I really do not think it gets any better than that. We had their beach wedding right there in front of the house to the delight of the bride and groom. It was a beautiful home with plenty of space for all those kids who spent the majority of their time on the deck. We all walked down to the beach together with the groom and seven teenagers in tow. Soon are bride came walking across the whites sand with her daughter. They both wore white dresses and looked beautiful. The ceremony went off perfectly by the gentle waves. Afterwards the kids showed just how much energy a person can accumulate in minutes. We got some great pictures. One teenager had the youngest boy on his shoulders running do the sand. If I could bottle that kind of energy! Soon it was time to say our goodbyes to a fantastic family who are joining together from two families. A really joyful day.