How To Rock A Beach Wedding

We had a rock-n- roll bride and groom having a Pensacola Beach wedding on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. We got a break from the rain which was really nice and walked out onto the sand to have our ceremony. The groom was out there decked out in a fedora hat and a bow tie with skulls on it. Our bride definitely had the rock-n-roll royalty look and she was working it. These two kids were so cute. Everybody wore black including the two flower girls and the two ring bearers. For their sand ceremony the bride had picked up and some black sand and some white sand. Her mother brought out a small table and put a black piece of cloth over it. Would put the sand ceremony on it. It looked so Gothic. All the family members also were wearing black as was I. The bride even had a black diamond engagement ring. These two young people were wanting to do things are own way and I admired them for that. I had married her brother and they had remembered me and decided to have their ceremony with me. And while they were not a traditional bride and groom they will remain in my memory as one of the most original. Be yourself and be true to yourself at all times. I’ll be seeing you on the beach very soon.