Having Children At Beach Weddings

There is nothing cuter at a beach wedding in Gulf Shores than to see a flower girl and ring bearer walking down the aisle hand in hand. When you watch a flower girl there owing out her petals one at a time it’s adorable. And a ring bearer holding up his pillow to the happy couple knowing he holds a precious jewel. Children participating in a wedding can be an exciting time for them and a rite of passage. They feel special that the bride and groom have entrusted them with a large responsibility. Although it might not seem like much to us to a child it means the world. When choosing your flower girl or ring bearer it’s important to think about their age. If they are under five you may want to have an adult walk with them. A child under the age of five can easily become distracted by the sand and the water. We’ve had beach weddings where a child protests abating and the ceremony has abruptly stopped, sat down, and started playing in the sand. We’ve also had them run streaking to the water. So having someone walk with younger children is a wise idea. After the age of five children begin to understand their role in the wedding and most look forward to it.