Introducing A New Beach Wedding Package

On Saturday at a beach wedding on Pensacola Beach we introduced our newest beach wedding package called Island Beach. The bride had described what she was looking for and I interpreted what I thought she would like. Of course she was stunning and the bamboo wedding arch only complemented her beauty even more. My goal with design is to complement the bride not to be in competition with her. I don’t like large wedding arch arrangements as I feel this is too much competition for someone who should be the main focus. So we keep all of our designs simple yet elegant with our brides as our focus. I put the wedding arch on the website the very next day and a bride called and wanted that very arch. It really made me feel good that I was able to find a design that brides and grooms would want for their wedding day. Don’t forget to be sure that you get the marriage license that you will need for the state that you’re getting married in. We service Florida and Alabama so if you’re deciding on either state you will have to get the marriage license for that state. You can check out the marriage license link at the top of the page and you can find out the requirements that you will need to know. It’s getting hotter here in Florida and Alabama so were only do in weddings at sunset. I hope everybody has a really great time on the beach with us and am looking forward to seeing all of you out there.