Ideas For Getting Married On An Alabama Beach

When planning a Gulf Shores beach wedding recently a bride told me she was staying in a hotel on the beach and all of her guest were staying there too. When I mentioned are her why not get a large beach house and have everybody stay in the same place she got very excited. That way we could have her beach wedding and reception all in one place. Instead of being in a hotel with the bunch of people she doesn’t know why not get everybody to go in together and stay at a beach house where everybody knows each other and have a lot more privacy. When you’re getting married on the beach it’s nice to have a house rather than a hotel or condominium if you have a lot of people coming. One advantage is most houses are located in neighborhoods so they’ll be fewer people on the beach during your ceremony. Most hotels and condominiums are located around other hotels and condominiums which means more people on the beach during your ceremony. Especially if they’re high rises. Now do you see where I’m going with this? Now if you’re having a small ceremony on the sand then a hotel or a condominium would make more sense. But when you have a large group why not make the most of it? Some of the beach houses can sleep up to 30 people. So think about what you want for your wedding and give us a call today. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.