B & K Wedding In Gulf Shores

I vote for a Gulf Shores beach wedding for Mr. Burger and Ms. King. I know it sounds strange but these two kids are getting married and when you put their two last names together you get a popular hamburger joint. With last names like that they deserve to come down here too the Gulf Coast and have their wedding on the beach. We can outfit them with the paper crowns and other necessities to have the wedding they can enjoy and laugh about later with their children. I think it’s important to have a sense of humor when you’re planning any kind of wedding. Because it can make you crazy if you’re not careful. I’m sure that this bride and groom with their unusual last names put together have heard it all. Can you imagine telling your friends oh by the way there something you should know…. I’m sure the bachelor party and the bachelorette party were hilarious. Of course once their married and she decides to take his last name things will come down quite a bit. However there’s always the announcement in the newspaper that will make people go bonkers. In their own hometown I’m sure everyone got a big laugh out of it and ribbed the happy couple endlessly. So here’s to loving your last name and finding love. I’ll be seeing you on the beach.