Great Weather Now For Your Wedding In Pensacola

If you’re planning on eloping for a Pensacola Beach wedding the weather could be prettier. Right now it is perfect weather to say I do on the sand. If we’ve got temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties and the water is crystal clear. Water temperature is about 75° right now so if you’re planning on going for quick dip in the Gulf before your ceremony now would be the best time to come. Easter is this Sunday and there will be a sunrise service on casino beach near the giant beach ball water tower on Pensacola Beach. Why not have a sunrise ceremony? If it’s very romantic to see the sun coming up and with the tender blush of sunrise painting the sky with pinks, orange and purple. It’s very quiet on the beach at sunrise which leads to a beautiful setting. According to the weatherman we’re going to have perfect weather all weekend long so grab your sweetheart, go get your marriage license and let’s get married on the beach. April is when are temperature start to warm up and the majority of the spring breakers are leaving so it’s gonna be very quiet out there on that sand. Nothing could be better for you in your sweetheart been having some private time together in a intimate setting. Walking hand in hand on the warm sand really leads to a unique bonding experience which I hope everyone will come to enjoy.