Bride’s Mom Checking Out Gulf Shores For Wedding On The Beach

Some brides are looking for a Gulf Shores wedding on the beach and are in school getting degrees. And as most of you know some degrees require a lot of steady. So that’s where we find ourselves today with the bride’s mom checking out different areas including Gulf Shores. And what can be better than Alabama Beach wedding? I was talking with this lady today and we were discussing the different areas you could have the wedding in. And while I do love Gulf Shores it’s not for everyone. Her daughter wanted more privacy so I recommended Fort Morgan. This area is a great place to have a ceremony. It is away from it all and there are many types of accommodations to choose from including condominiums, houses, and duplexes. There is also camping out there. However there are are not a lot of stores out there or any real entertainment possibilities. So you have to take an the fact that you do have a lot of privacy but you don’t have a lot to do except enjoy the beach which is great as far as I’m concerned. But to each their own. The mother of the bride did decide on Gulf Shores rather than Fort Morgan. But on the next phone call the bride and groom chose Fort Morgan over Gulf Shores. So there you go. Everyone’s different in what they need to make their wedding on the beach special to them. Remember don’t be pressured don’t be pushed, check around see which you like and find the right place, person and eight that is perfect for you.