Pensacon Bride Wage Battle On The Beach

This Pensacola wedding was on the beach with the aid bride dressed up like Princess Leia. She had decided to come to Pensacon and get married on the beach and participate in the costume contest. I’m not sure she won I didn’t go. But I’m sure she had a good time. She looked adorable was those little cinnamon buns on the sides of her head. Her husband when it has Luke Skywalker. Needless to say they’re both just adorable. They had plenty of friends and family who are also dressed up in the Star Wars theme. Her dad was Darth Vader and he walked her down the aisle. We had the storm troopers with light sabres making and arch for them to stand under. It was so awesome I loved it. I was just a minister for this event and didn’t get any pictures unfortunately. But I felt honored to to be a part of it. This wedding on Pensacola Beach was probably one of the most different ones I’ve ever done in my entire career. They told me that it was going to be a little bit unusual but I had no idea. Their baby was dressed up in a little Chewbacca costume. I really like the fact that someone brought their kids up with Star Wars memorabilia present in the home. It really takes me back and I have memories of my nephews and nieces doing the same thing. Here’s hoping to see you on the beach grill soon getting married.