Did you have a beach wedding in 2015?

Then we need to hear from you! Here is our contact page to let us know how your wedding went with Beach Bride Weddings LLC. We wanna hear your story and share it with the Internet wedding community. We had so many wonderful beach weddings in Pensacola this year that it really made me feel positive about our couples and their future. With the wedding year coming to a close alike to sit back and look at the pictures and reflect on our ceremonies. Most of the time it was sunny and beautiful and we got some incredible photography. But we also had a few weddings where the weather did not cooperate but the bride and groom wanted to go through and have their ceremony on their special day. Here at Beach Bride Weddings LLC we are troopers and persevered while weathering the storms. Most of them were just really mist but sometime that mist can be heavy. Damp would be an understatement. But out of the entire time we’ve been in business which is about 15 years, we’ve only been rained out about four times. We have done weddings in tropical storms before where we had to go into a safer area but I would never let a bride down. Rain or shine it’s your wedding time. We still have a few more days before the end of the year so in any of you are interested we are due making deals right now for these end of the year weddings.