Stayed tuned for new beach weddings arch designs

In the coming weeks we will begin leading up our new wedding arch designs for beach weddings in 2015 on Pensacola Beach in Florida and Gulf Shores in Alabama. Every year we observed the trends that are happening in wedding design and colors that are trending with brides. And trust me every year it changes. Destination weddings have become very big in this area with brides wanting the latest fashions for their bridal designs. Burlap is still popular and we’re seeing trends and yellow and turquoise. Hand tide bouquets are still very popular as they have been for the last few years. This is a trend that I don’t see going away anytime soon. The reason why this trend is so popular is in order to pull off a bouquet that has cascading flowers you have to be really talk. The hand tide bouquets fit everyone whether you’re tall or short, thin or heavier, this bouquet will work for you. Another trend of noticed less structured wedding gowns. The Lewis flowing down has become the mainstay for beach weddings. Yor more structured downs do not work well while walking sand. I’m very excited about the new looks in arch design and have incorporated them into brides requesting unique arches. We can customize some of our designs to fit the bride’s needs.