Fall beach weddings in November are beautiful

The temperatures are in the seventies during the day and in the fifties during the evening. So beach weddings in Florida couldn’t be any prettier if you tried. This time a year is really the perfect time to get married on the beach. It’s not hot out and at sunset the sun is directly over the water which makes for some really great beach wedding pictures. I love the golden light the sun has at that time of day it’s a pretty. It’s flattering on everyone’s skin. Since most people come here during the spring and summer you can find great rates on condominiums, houses and hotels. We’re talking bargain rates here folks. The beach is empty most of the time so you really have the place to yourself. Imagine walking down a beach that’s normally packed full of people and the most you will see will be a handful. The sand has been blown into soft gentle peaks with no footprints on them so that Asher walking down the beach the only footprints will be your own. Once again a beautiful picture. You can see a lot more wildlife as well because there’s not a lot of people give them the water during this time. So if you wanna get away from it all and have the wedding of your dreams and this is the time of year for you. We have several beach wedding specials that you’ll enjoy as well