The people you invite can make or break your day.

We had this one wedding in Gulf Shores that almost ended up being a disaster. But some quick thinking on the mother of the bride’s part really save the day. The lady was great in grace under pressure. The bride and groom had invited some guests that were rowdy to say the least. The party had started hours ago for these folks and they were getting a little out of control and of course the wedding was going on at this time. But this grand lady came out and with one look and a wave of her hand got these people under control in seconds. It was amazing I’ve never seen anything like it. What they were planning on doing was dumping the punch bowl full of punch all over the bride and groom. This is not a football game people! But the mother of the bride found out about it at the very last minute thanks to a bridesmaid who knew what she was doing. She actually got out of line during the ceremony ran up to the mother the bride told her what was going on and pointed out the culprits. This will money media only went up to them and informed them quietly that if her daughter was in any way upset by something they had done there would be heck to pay. She then waved her hand and told them to leave. I was extremely impressed and thanked her immensely. She really saved the day by keeping her cool and setting everyone straight in one small sentence. I believe she also suggested the police would be called the charges would be filed. Let this be a lesson to everyone be careful who you fight your wedding. Make sure their their plans are good ones and good for you. And pray that you have a fabulous mom on your side.