Pensacola Beach Wedding And Reception

Florida Wedding On The Beach With Reception

Their Pensacola Beach wedding and reception was a huge success thanks to us. We were able to provide them with plenty of information for them to make those crucial decisions. Some couples also enjoyed a Navarre wedding. We also helped them save money on their choices as well.  Who doesn’t love saving money that can be put on other items like a sunset cruise. You know me always thinking about the couple. Yes I’m on team bride and proud of it.

One thing I like about the beach wedding package they chose was their arch. It was a simple arch with white flowers but in the sunset it took on a pink tone. This beach wedding in Pensacola was one for the ages. I loved it and the bride giggled gleefully. Our groom wore a dark blue suit. Most of you probably know I’m not a big fan of suits at beach weddings but this one was in October so it wasn’t too sweltering hot. We had some great luck with the weather getting married in Florida.

Gulf Coast Wedding On Pensacola Beach

The Gulf of Mexico water that day had a more green tint to it and was very pretty. The color of the water changes constantly going from blue to green in the prettiest colors. It adds to the ambiance of the day. I love the way the groom grasps her face in his hands to kiss her. He gazes into her eyes so lovingly. She’s reaching under his coat. I wonder if she debated tickling him. Oh smile.

The white bouquets also picked up the sunset tones and blushed a peach tint. It was so small one would barely notice it but one lady picked up on it and commented about it later. Pictures went off without any issues and everyone was gracious when called for their portraits with the bride and groom. What a pleasant and enjoyable day for all.

Caribbean Dream with Lanterns