Navarre Beach Weddings

Navarre Beach Wedding

Your Navarre wedding on the beach will bring tales of joy for years to come. Bring your family and friends and celebrate your love in Navarre. Navarre is more quiet and secluded than other beaches but still filled with many activities you can enjoy with your family or just the two of you. You will find many happy moments if you have your honeymoon here. If walking an empty beach except for the two of you sounds like heaven then you have reached your bliss. Think of warm days on the water and nights on your balcony overlooking the vibrant Gulf of Mexico. Wake up to dolphins swimming by the shore. Many brides and grooms have decided to get married in Navarre Beach Florida. When you think about it, it’s really a great place to say I do. It’s a very small area. Currently there are only beach houses and a few condominiums on the beach with the majority of the hotels just over the bridge in Navarre. There are also several grocery stores and pharmacies for last minute wedding necessities. No wondering where everything is. There are also several restaurants in Navarre as well as a few nightclubs for dancing the night away. Only 7 miles down the beach road from Pensacola Beach it’s easy to go down and enjoy the entertainment Pensacola Beach provides. The 7 mile road between Pensacola Beach and Navarre is so pretty. You will see views of the Gulf and it makes for a relaxing drive. If you’re looking for seashells this is the place to do it. Many different kinds can be found here. Honeymooning here is fabulous. No crowds except on major holidays. Just the two of you walking up and down the beach holding hand and whispering sweet words to each other. I have personally witnessed this happening, especially after their ceremony. There have been couples who have joined hands and walked away into the sunset together. So take the plunge with us. We are waiting to make your wedding your dream come into reality.