Pensacola Beach Weddings And Reception Packages

Pensacola Beach Weddings And Reception Packages

Beach weddings Pensacola Fl sound great combined together but you may want to book them separately. You may end up paying double for a reception so be careful when booking with the same place you book your wedding. If the food is coming from another contractor you will be paying double for it. Consider getting a beach house that will hold the amount of people who RSVP. Some of the beach houses have great outdoor areas for reception that may include a grill.

Remember the people coming to your wedding are not only coming to see you but they are also throwing a vacation into their trip as well.There are not very many people who turn around the very next day and to home. You do not necessarily need to have a reception here unless you want to. You could even wait until you come home to have your reception. Advantages of doing this are many. Not only will you save money but you will also be able to invite people who could not make it to your ceremony.

They could celebrate with you at your reception in your own home town. Please do not hold it against anyone that cannot make it. Life can get in the way of the best plans. Now that is a very good point and there are several ways to do this which we will discuss here. First what is your budget for your wedding? Do you want to spend more money on the honeymoon or on feeding your friends and family?

Reception Menu

Have you thought about having finger foods at a beach house, it is fun and very easy. Some of you will like this idea, some of you want something more formal. The advantages of having a family members who love to cook, who will prepare your feast on your wedding day is the way to go to cut down on expenses. This can be their wedding gift to you. It will be much cheaper to go this route at your beach house other than having a formal sit down dinner. Trust me on this one as it can be very pricey very quickly. Not only will you need to pay more for food but also for the reception venue.

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