Gulf Shores Beach Wedding Permit

Wedding Permits For Orange Beach And Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores wedding officiant is required to get married in the parks and you will be better off getting married at your beach house, you will have more privacy and a bathroom that is clean. We offer several wedding packages to fit every budget. We offer a contact form and phone number for you to call us today and make your dream wedding come true. Your Gulf Shores beach wedding will be your vision and we hope to see you on the beach soon. Another great place is Orange Beach wedding. They are on the beach and kissing under a beautiful arch.

Watch Your Spending

Why get a Gulf Shores beach wedding permit that is $150 – $400? Use that money to spend somewhere else, yes they are very expensive. You do not get anything for it except a nasty bathroom and sometimes not even that. That is money you can use to do more fun things like a sunset cruise. The Gulf Pavilion at the park is not air conditioned and it can get hot in the summer. A beach house is a much better choice. Have a tropical atmosphere at your beach house and at your wedding there too. Nothing is better than that. Although some wedding.

You have been planning a wedding for a while now and you have been debating a beach wedding. Do not wait anymore, have your wedding today the way you want. Pick up the phone and call us. Make sure to get your happy moments on film. We will supply you with all the info you could ever need to make wise decisions. Get your family and friends involved and they will tell you they would rather you get married on the beach so they can come to the beach and celebrate with you. We can tellĀ  you plenty of places to go or go to your favorite search engine and find your own.