Marriage License Info You Need To Know

Recently I had a bride call me about a beach wedding in Pensacola. While I was telling her how to get a Florida marriage license she told me she would be bringing her Texas marriage license with her. I told her that you cannot use a Texas marriage license in the state of Florida. It’s against the marriage license laws of Florida. She assured me that she could and I assured her that she couldn’t. I was curious as to why she thought this would be possible and she told me that in Texas you can take your marriage license out of state and it would still be legal. I decided to make some phone calls to Texas and find out more information on this subject. After calling around quite a bit I finally found someone who was able to give me some relevant information. The clerk told me if the state permits the Texas marriage license it would be all right to use it. I called the Florida state marriage license office and asked them if this would be legal. They said no. So this is one thing I learned from all this, the state where you are having your beach wedding must accept a Texas marriage license as being valid and because Florida does not recognize a Texas marriage license, the marriage license would be invalid. In other words you would not be legally married unless you had a Florida marrige license and were getting married in Florida. The same goes for Alabama, you must have an Alabama marriage license to get married in Alabama. I had never heard of this state permitting a marriage license to cross state lines. So that was the adventure for Tuesday.