New Beach Wedding Packages

We have some new Pensacola Beach wedding packages ready for you to see. Check out Mermaid’s Tale. This package comes with burlap and netting which could be any mermaid’s dream. The brides seem to like it and they have been my main focus. I’ve been asking them what they are looking for and they all say the same thing, something different. That says something to me. So I started concentrating on designs that I wasn’t seeing anywhere else.  I started envisioning this design but it needed something and one of my friends said she wished it was longer and Mermaid’s Tale was completed. All that was needed was to go out to the beach, set it up and take pictures. There’s the story. If you’re wanting some of the most reasonably priced wedding packages on the Gulf Coast we are it.  No high prices here.  We have so many different packages to choose from you will be sure to find what you need.  If you need help call us and we’ll do our best to assist you.  Make sure to check out the resources page for more info to help you plan your beach wedding and trip as well.  I always tell everyone to check out all the pages on the website because of all the valuable info.  These are things you will need to know so bookmark those pages, especially the marriage license page.  That’s an important one.  Make sure you know the requirements before you come and you can always call us so we can discuss other questions you may have.