Save The Date For Your Beach Wedding By Planning Well

For those of you planning your Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about your wedding day, read on. Like most tourist destinations a beach area can be a good place to have your ceremony, however there are certain dates you will want to avoid. The main reason we say to avoid these dates is overcrowding. Case in point, Memorial Day weekend on Pensacola Beach. I would not recommend having a wedding on this weekend because it’s the unofficial first day of summer. The amount of people is overwhelming and we have had times when we could not get to the beach. Another day I would not recommend is July 4th. Not only do you have to tourists coming to the beach, you have locals coming as well. It is nearly impossible to get out there. Also avoid Blue Angels weekend. We have an air show on the beach which books up hotels, houses and condominiums at least one year in advance. It’s a great show for air show buffs but stressful for weddings. It is very difficult to find a place to stay when accommodations are limited. So these are three dates you may want to avoid coming to Pensacola Beach to have your wedding ceremony. Other areas that are close to Pensacola Beach are not so overcrowded. I would recommend Perdido Key. This area smaller and more intimate. Perdido Key is located on the western edge of Pensacola, which is located on the mainland. Remember that Pensacola and Pensacola Beach are two different areas separated by 2 bridges and a small area called Gulf Breeze, about 5 miles. I know most of you want the best for your beach wedding in Pensacola and together we can make it happen.