Bridal Bouquets For Beach Weddings 2016

You’re beach wedding in Pensacola for 2016 will look lovely with the bouquet. I’ve been looking at some of the trends for 2016 bridal bouquet and I’m noticing a lot of pink in different shades. I have also noticed a lot of natural tones and whites. Once again with a wide range of shades. Peonies and roses seem to dominate the bridal bouquets I’ve been looking at however this does not mean that you need to take these flowers or colors. It’s very rarely that the bride’s I’ve seen follow any trend that all. But I kind of like that. What that says to me as that modern brides may look at the trends but they go with what they like. That is a modern woman who is not afraid to enjoy things that are different from the crowd. I admire these women. Back to the bouquets! One that KI saw that I liked had tiny white star shaped flowers. Of course they did not say what kind of flowers they were but they looked like jasmine. That was a pretty bouquet. Something is popular down here is to have seashells mixed in with your flowers. Now that’s a beach waiting bouquet. I’ve seen starfish boutonnieres that looks smashing on the beach. One of the prettiest bridesmaids bouquet was a single calla lily. They were the larger calla lilies so you really need any more flowers other than that. So I’m urging call a few prospective brides to go online and start looking at different flowers that you’re considering for your bouquet. Also look at prices as some flowers are more expensive than others and don’t forget about silk flowers which are just as beautiful as the real thing.