Tiny Tots At Pensacola Wedding On The Beach

This Pensacola Beach wedding had two small young ladies in matching dresses. Their grandmother was getting married and they are enjoying themselves playing in the sand. Our bride and groom were very a very laid back couple who had been enjoying the beach and staying in their beach house on Maldonado Drive close to Avenue 17. It was a short walk to the beach for everyone. The bride and groom dressed quite comfortably with the bride in a red casual dress and the groom in a white button down shirt and shorts. It was in the mid seventies so the weather was perfect and the sun was setting right over the Gulf of Mexico. There was a fine mist in the air which made everything look soft. The brides two daughters came walking up in matching blue dresses and all the ladies they are had matching earrings of the brides favorite stone. Everything was so colorful I loved it. The beach wedding went smoothly with bride and groom looking into each others eyes with love. After the ceremony we went into pictures and one of the very last pictures we took had this loving family holding hands and walking into the sunset. Well one of those little girls decided that she did not want to put her feet down at all and decided to keep her feet up while the family was walking away from us. It made for the cutest picture. We started laughing so hard to because it was so unbelievably cute! I’m sure this will be a great memory for the family to share throughout the year and on their first anniversary. If you want a great memory like this for your wedding please call us today and let us help you make these decisions now.