The Wedding Dance On The Beach

What Pensacola Beach wedding is complete without a dance on the beach. I know many of you are thinking how awkward and it can be. However one groom insisted on having a dance on the beach with his bride. This groom had it all planned out including having one of his friends play the guitar while they danced on the beach. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do because this sand is soft but they succeeded in having an intimate dance while the sun was setting gently in the sky. I thought I was going to cry because no one ever done it before but I restrained myself. The photographer captured it which was part of the joy we could share with them. The soft music flowed over the dunes and was carried off. Even the seagulls were quiet. The two had longed for a beach wedding rather than a traditional wedding and although some of their family members could not be present it meant the world to the two of them. I guess we can all learn something from this bride and groom. They had decided to make this their day and they had hoped everyone could make it but regardless they wanted it to be about what they wanted. You have no idea how many calls I get from people who said their coming to Florida to get away from their own wedding because it had grown to something they didn’t want or felt it was a part of them. They felt like it was no longer their wedding and someone else had taken over. So followed this bride and groom lead and dance your way to happiness. Remember it’s your wedding let someone else have their wedding.