Beachy Wedding Cakes Or What You Like Most

Having a beach wedding in Pensacola with that perfect wedding cake can be so much fun at cake cutting time. And with so many beautiful cakes to choose from a can be hard. A lot of the brides that come into this area for their own wedding choose beach themed cakes. These are cakes with starfish, seashells and sand dollars on them. They will also have pearls that are chocolate dipped in a pearly shimmery editable confection. But remember this is your wedding and if you don’t want your cake to look like that why not go for something else? What are my favorite wedding cakes came from a grocery store and it had devil’s food cake frosted with butter cream frosting. It was insanely delicious! I’ve also seen red velvet wedding cakes which can be quite decorative, the bride waved white dress with red trim. How about an Xbox wedding cake? Yes you can be nerdy and still have your wedding cake made the way you want. It doesn’t have to be traditional. This is your day, your beach wedding, so have your cake and eat it too. One I thought was really exciting was a Star Wars cake. It even had Yoda, who was made at a fondant, as a little figure on it and the Millennium Falcons. Her husband was thrilled because he is a huge fan of the movie franchise. And of course there’s always the minions what a cute cake that made with all the yellow. The bride and groom were little minions. Disney has some really nice cakes including a Mad Hatter wedding cake. So if you’re nontraditional and want to have something that guest will truly remember you’ll be amazed on what bakeries can do for you now. I can’t wait to see some of the ideas you come up with. Let me know.