Smart Phones And Weddings On The Beach

A beach wedding in Pensacola Florida can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the wedding and everyone coming to the wedding. Whether it’s large or small being in nature surrounded by the sight and sounds of the ocean is a wonderful memory of treasure for a long time. Many people bring smart phones to weddings, seems like everyone has one. However some people can get a little aggressive with their smart phone while taking pictures and actually intrude upon your space. I don’t think they intend to get as close as they do but it can interfere with your wedding especially when they’re so close to you they are bumping into you. That has happened to us once. We had someone shooting video with a smart phone that was blocking the photographer from getting his shots. So you may want to consider asking your guests to limit cell phone [ictrues until after the ceremony. Before the wedding starts I try to let everyone know where the photographer will be working and to ask them not to please a void those spaces. Most people understand the photographe’rs pictures are the ones that are the most important as they are paid for. We even had one bride who banned cell phone usage completely from her ceremony because of the articles she had read online. Your beach wedding will be the best that it can be. We can help you make it happen.  We’ve been doing weddings so long time and understand everything that can happen and plan for the unexpected. Being flexible and fast on our feet as prepared as for just about anything.